Tinkering with Babylon.JS – Part 1

Yesterday I wanted to have a new challenge, a small side project. After discovering BabylonJS, a library for creating and animating 3D scenes in the browser with good performance, I though now was the time to test it with a solution to a problem I have wanted to solve from sometime now.

When you are searching for a new house, you usually use a real estate listing, filtering by location, rooms, sizes, and pictures, but there is an important factor no real state listing includes, and its the amount of sun/shadows the house gets throw the day and throw the year. and until now the only way I have found is to go and visit the place (and using some augmented reality sun tracker, etc). This is specially important if there is a pool, or hills/mountains around, or if the house doesn’t get enough sun to be heated (which can also affect your monthly expenses).

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